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Pans & Discs

Power Trowel Discs & Pans can be produced in any size from 450mm diameter up to 1835mm diameter, in various thickness materials either domed or flat types from 1mm up to 6mm in steel, and up to 4mm in stainless steel, plastic discs & pans up to 25mm thickness.

Discs & Pans are manufactured for all of the top trowel machines on the market today, many of these machine brands we supply direct with Discs & Pans, special types can be produced to customers specifications. 

Plastic Discs & Pans produced to special order for resin floors and specialist topping applications.

Steel Pans & Discs

​​Available in diameters 450mm to 1835mm, thickness 1.5mm to 6mm

Stainless Steel Pans & Discs

​We produce stainless steel pans & discs in sizes 500mm diameter up to 1835mm diameter, in 1.5mm to 6mm thicknesse's.

Plastic Pans & Discs
All types of plastic pans & discs produced, email your request.

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